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The Coosal�s name has been synonymous with the highest quality construction products and services in Trinidad &
Tobago for over 60 years. What currently exists as a group of companies started off as a relatively small determined supplier of high quality quarry products, trading as Coosal�s Quarry & Transport.

In 1978 our foresight and tenacity provided the impetus for us to diversify and expand our core business activities and improve our offering. The offspring of these efforts was the Coosal�s Asphalt Paving Company Limited (CAPCO) which was later, together with Coosal�s Quarry and Transport, absorbed by a new parent company which commenced operations in 1991 under the name Coosal�s Construction Company Limited.

Today, following further diversification and stronger synergistic vertical integration measures, we have expanded to include a growing range of premium quality concrete masonry products along with ready-mixed concrete as part of our offering. Both these segments, though new, have been enjoying considerable success and growth in spite of headstrong and established competitors.

In all areas of business, we focus intently on quality delivered with friendly and reliable service. We believe in building lasting mutually beneficial relationships by maximizing customer satisfaction and promoting both open internal and external communications.

The current activities of the Company may be conveniently classified into the following main divisions:


Coosal's owns and operates two quarries. The first, located in the Maracas Valley St. Joseph yields high quality blue limestone aggregates and is well known to be the largest privately owned quarry in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The other is located in the Tapana Valencia area and yields sand and gravel. Our quarries have also been able to cup a number of prestigious awards in recognition of being the best developed in the industry.

The output from the quarries are either further processed or sold raw as the following:

Selected Quarry Fill

Chemical Grade Limestone

Quarry Run

Crusher Run

Stone Dust

3/8� Terrazzo Chip

High Quality �� Blue Metal

Selective Decorative/Face Stone

3/8 Aggregate

3/4 Aggregate

Sharp Sand

Mixed Aggregate


The Asphalt Production operations are carried out on  site in Madras Settlement, Chin Chin, which is situated approximately a mile from Piarco International Airport. It is equipped with two Barber Greene Asphalt Plants with combined capacity of more than two thousand five hundred (2,500) tonnes of asphalt per day. The Company is perhaps the only entity in the Republic with the plant, equipment, expertise and experience necessary to utilize Blended Trinidad Lake Asphalt in mixtures for high specification surfacing.


The Civil Engineering Division operates from the Company's Head Office at LP56 Mc Lean Street, Curepe. It has an experienced workforce most of whom were employed in carrying out the earthworks, sub-base, base and the Lake Asphalt pavement on the Uriah Butler Highway. The Division is equipped, and has the experience, to handle any type of civil engineering works, but its focus has been mainly on site clearance, earthworks and other infrastructure works, road works, asphalt surfacing, pre-cast and in-situ reinforced concrete construction, drainage and ductwork and road markings.


Our newly commissioned concrete batching plant represents the latest product of our diversification effort. A new company, Coosal�s Concrete Limited (CCL), was incorporated and became recognized as the latest addition to the Coosal�s Group of companies. This segment provides various strengths of readymixed concrete made from our very own Coosal�s Quarry aggregates. Coosal�s Concrete Limited is also adequately equipped to provide both delivery and pumping services to meet the individual needs of our customers. Our fully automated concrete batching plant is capable of producing approximately five hundred cubic metres (500m3) per eight (8) hour shift. To complement our production capabilities, Coosal�s Concrete Ltd. also adds value to customer services by providing testing of our products by means of our in-house labs and facilities.


The block segment also make use of the high quality raw material mined at both Tapana and Maracas. We produce a range of load bearing concrete blocks for use in all types of buildings, foundations, walls, reinforcements, columns and many other applications. Our range of concrete decorative blocks comprise Harlequin, Arcadian, Parade, and the newly introduced Caribbean wave. They can be creatively applied to fit a number of useful applications as vent blocks or simply as decorative pieces. We also added a range of concrete paver units to our product line.


The applications of pavers are widespread and can include any of the following or other uses:




Gas Stations


City Streets


Parking Lots

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